Terms and Conditions

Photo and Documentation

1. By attending "Indonesian Street Festival 2017 NYC: The Spice Islands" visitors give consent to release for possible publication photo(s) of visitors and/or video images taken by any authorized Indonesian Street Festival 2017 committee, or any media representative for news and/or publicity purposes. This may include television, newspaper, magazine article, social media sites (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and/or ISF publications (newsletters, brochures, website, booklet, etc.). Visitors understand that they will not receive numeration for their voluntary participation or future use of any photo(s) and/or images of visitors. Visitors understand that photos and/or videos for the media and/or website may be used in publications and/or website outside of ISF control.

Video Blog Competition

  1. Upload your best videoblog to FB or youtube featuring any interesting aspect in/during the Indonesian Street Festival 2017 with the theme “Show Your Love for Indonesia”.