For centuries the Indonesian archipelago, a majestic chain of lush green islands and vast canvas of paradise has captivated countless seamen in their voyage for the new world, exotic spices, mythical creatures, and triumph. As nutmegs, cloves and cubeb pepper astronomically priced for its believed medicines and magic potions, successive waves of European drawn to this part of the world sought to dominate the spice trade.

As we celebrate our Independence Day, come and join us for the 3rd Annual Indonesian Street Festival (ISF) 2017 in Manhattan, experience the sights, sounds and smells of the largest archipelago on earth. The ISF 2017 will have more performances, more food, more Indonesian cultures, more laughs, more tastes, and definitely more fun than ever. "The Spice Islands" will be this year theme, in conjunction with 350 Years of Breda Treaty between England and Netherland that concluded "The Publication of the Peace between England and the United Netherland". Through this, the Dutch ceded control over New Amsterdam (New York) to England for a tiny island of Run (now part of Banda Archipelago in Indonesia) which is rich in Nutmegs, a spice which one wieghed in gold.

Eat, play and love in this festival as our food vendors will bring authentic Indonesian cuisines from across the archipelago, various workshops and entertainment as well as door prizes all afternoon for everyone enjoyment.

Indonesian Consulate in New York and ISF 2017 Committee invite you to participate in this year’s celebration of the 72nd Indonesia's Independence Day. The ISF 2017 will be held on East 68th Street, New York, NY 10065 (between Madison and Fifth Avenue)

free admission

family friendly



Glenn Fredly

Glenn Fredly Deviano Latuihamallo is an Indonesian R&B singer and songwriter. Entering the music industry after winning a singing contest in 1995, as of 2009 he has released more than 10 albums. He produces new talented artists like YURA & Gilbert Pohan. And the latest project, He produces a movie called Cahaya Dari Timur "Beta Maluku". On January 2013, he serves as a coach The Voice Indonesia.

saung budaya

Saung Budaya

Saung Budaya Indonesian Dance Group was established in 2005 when dance instructor Amalia Suryani came to New York City and held dance workshops in the Indonesian Consulate. Our goal is to introduce Indonesian culture through dance and music to the Indonesian-American youths in New York City and more generally, to the wider public. Throughout the years, Saung Budaya has grown to become a vital part of the Indonesian community culture in New York. A variety of dances from all over the Indonesian Archipelago are taught within the group who have performed around in the East Coast / Tri-State Area. Saung Budaya currently consists of 20 dancers whom are mostly students and young professionals.

Yosim Pancar : Region - Papua

The people of Papua love to joke, play and boat in the rivers throughout the jungle of Papua. Their foolishness and daily life activities such as hunting boar are all done together with a sense of love and romance. Choreographer: Supriyadi Arsyad

Gending Sriwijaya: Region - South Sumatra (Palembang)

Gending Sriwijaya is the name of the song and the traditional dance from Palembang, South Sumatra. This song is sung or played during the Gending Sriwijaya dance performance. Both was created to describe the splendor, cultural refinement, glory and the grandeur of Srivijayan empire that once succeed on unifying the western parts of Indonesian archipelago. Choreographer: Supriyadi Arsyad

Bajidor kahot: Region - West Java

Bajidor Kahot is a dance from West Java which combines the dance movements of Ketuk Tilu and Jaipongan as the basis of its motions. In the dance, hips, arms, shoulders, head, and hands move dynamically. Often the dancers are also moving in formation of interest. Bajidor Kahot dance was created around the year 2000. In addition, the Balinese gamelan music adds to the wealth of music that accompanies the dance. As in jaipongan, Bajidor Kahot is often performed by young women.



Modero is a community based dance company, events and entertainment services. Modero started as a dance company in 2011. Sinta decided to start her own dance company after her trip to Poso in Central Sulawesi and consulted with her sister Diana. Her sister gave her blessing and her brother Igor Saykoji designed her logo complete with a Pamonian dancer wearing the traditional Pamonian outfit called Tomboli and then Modero was born. Sinta’s vision is to combine traditional and modern dance disciplines. This fusion brings the best of both worlds in energetic & intricate choreography. Modero performed in many different community gatherings, city of Philadelphia events, Andrea Clearfield’s legendary salon, Laura Cohn’s From Bali to Bala Annual Gift Show to a few local Latin Showcases. Modero dancers has grown over the years and now consist of 20 dancers as young as 4 years old and as old as 67 years young. Modero has been recognized to be the Indonesian culture torch bearer in the city of brotherly love and have performed in many prestigious events such as the World Festival of Families during the Papal Visit in September 2015, Philadelphia Philles games in 2015 and 2016, Ted@UPS Talk on September 15, 2016 in Atlanta Georgia (SCAD SHOW) and more.

dangdut in america

Dangdut in America

Dangdut in America is a singing competition program for Americans interested in performing in Indonesia and America. singing both in Indonesian language, and english. ​Dangdut is a music genre from Indonesia. It is a popular music genre from Indonesia that originates with inspiration from several countries in addition to different music types including: India, Portuguese, Malay, Arab, Jazz, Rock, R&B, and hip-hop. We promote, expose and distribute singles produced directly to the Indonesian audience. Indonesia’s total population is 250 million people — giving artists the opportunity to expose themselves to a large audience without leaving the country. Once demand is built up from Indonesia, our artists receive the opportunity to travel to Indonesia, perform on a road show, and on national TV in Indonesia.


Nial Djuliarso and Iman

Nial and Iman firts met in NY around February 2017. They bonded because two of them are a Jazz lover. Iman loves to sing jazz standards while Nial is a talented pianist. This duo recently performed at the Indonesian embassy in washington DC for their annual Independence day celebration. They’ve also played for welcoming party of the Diplomat of the Indonesian Consulate in NY. This coming September, they will be performing at the UN for Indonesian Diplomatic reception during UNGA. This event is planned to be hosted by the Indonesian president, Mr. Joko Widodo. Nial is currently pursuing his masters degree in Jazz study at NYU, before that he graduated from Berklee College of Music and has artist diploma from the Julliard school. While Iman is getting his masters in International affairs at Columbia University.

me look mel

Fashion Show: Me Look Mel

Melanie, the creator behind the concept is a designer by nature, an architect by education, a management executive by experience. She fully dedicates her passion to art and design, exploring Indonesian artistic treasures until she fell in love with the simple handwoven characteristics from several cultural communities in the archipelago that challenge her to focus on. Her love and responsibility to sustain the Indonesian artistic treasures motivate her to work together with the local artisans to develop natural, modern colors and styles without losing their authenticity.

kekoa iskandar

Fashin Show: Kekoa Iskandar

Kekoa Iskandar is an up and coming Indonesian designer based in New York City. He has been a design intern for various brands such as Valdis, Orley, Robert Geller, and Phillip Lim. Kekoa's design brings the New Culture: to bring the past into the future.

bangau putih

Bangau Putih

Our school was started in 1952 by Grand Master of Subur Rahardja who lived in Bogor, West Java. Under Grand Master Subur Rahardja, PGB - Bangau Putih has spread to all over word, including Canada, Saudi Arabia, and multiple branches throughout Europe. In the States, we have groups in New York, Oklahoma, Texas, and California as well as several informal groups across the country. Guru Gunawan Rahardja (son of Grand Master Subur Rahardja) is currently leader of the PGB - Bangau Putih at our Head Quarters in Bogor. Under his leadership, PGB-Bangau Putih continues to practice traditional and original movement from Grand Master Subur Rahardja.

Padma Bhuana

Padma Bhuana

Gamelan Padma Bhuana is one container to study Balinese gamelan and dance in New York City. In this group in addition to studying dance / classical gamelan is also a place to learn dance / gamelan new creations by following the progress in Bali. In addition to dance / gamelan above also opened cooperation to collaboration with the music / dance imaginable here to give birth to a mix of western and Balinese gamelan music. Gamelan Padma Bhuana, has been guided by Indonesian Consulate in New York, trained by Nyoman Saptanyana and Ida AyuCandrawati The group is open to the public, for fans of dance and Balinese gamelan.

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bali kitchen

Bali Kitchen

dapur cici alih

Dapur Ci Alih

dapurnya the tios

Dapurnya The Tios

kopi kopi

Kopi Kopi

kedai mpok hanum

Kedai Mpok Hanum

pecel ndeso

Pecel Ndeso

taste of surabaya

Taste of Surabaya

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